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PBM Stock Images.

Need a picture in a hurry?

Just ask.. we may already have the Image to meet your needs!

Flexibility is one of the keys to the usability of images of this type created by PBM.

A number of versions of the same basic image can be supplied to meet a clients final shape requirements, should say a picture be required in both portrait & landscape format..

 Rapid changes to meet clients future requirements can be handled at very short notice, this is achieved by PBM editing the PSD files files complete with all their layers., then e-mailing a ‘flat’ (single layer) back to the client, often within a couple of hours (or less!) of the clients new request arriving, editing work of this nature is charged at 40+VAT per hour.

The examples below show how the same basic image can be altered to fit a required shape, in this example the second image has also had the 'Branding' (Dell) removed as well as a keyboard added.

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